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A shout out to all the ambos

It has recently come to my attention that paramedics don’t always have the highest opinion of nurses. I don’t know why they think so poorly of us. I certainly hope I’ve never offended anyone. But I think ambo’s/paramedics are bloody fantastic!

They have one of the hardest jobs in the world. First on the scene to car accidents, assaults, heart attacks, drug overdoses, drownings. If you can think of it, they’ve probably done it. Us nurses and midwives have the luxury of back up, we have our colleagues, other nurses and midwives, doctors, psychologists and even security when we need them. We also have all the equipment. Those awesome humans also known as paramedics don’t have any of that. They’re on their own, dealing with things we could only imagine. Dealing with people who can be, in no particular order- in pain, scared, grieving, drunk, high on drugs, hurling abuse, threatening with violence, bleeding, dying, giving birth….. any, or all of the above, and they do it with very little thanks or acknowledgement.  
So from this nurse and midwife to you paramedics out there. THANK YOU….. you guys rock.

And if you happen to drop off a patient in the middle of the night to my hospital, come and say hello to me in the emergency centre. I’ll make you a cuppa. Presently, I’m the one with the black eye

Wendy xx