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My exciting week as a hermit 

So nothing too exciting to report this week from me.
BUT……. I’ve successfully transitioned into becoming a hermit. Can you believe it??? Success within a week!! I’ve spent my entire week off at home, doing hermit things, didn’t get to do the Netflix marathons as planned, as I was looking after my boys who have conveniently contracted gastro. That’s right people, don’t be jealous now, I had an entire week relaxing at home cleaning up vomit from every corner of Adam’s room, (unfortunately he hasn’t quite worked out how to vomit in a toilet bowl yet) Maybe he’ll master it in the next 15 years. Dean made it to the toilet, but missed the bowl. But luckily he can clean it up. I however, spent my Monday cleaning up vomit, washing vomit filled bed linen and clothes and tending to miserable boys. I spent a considerable amount of time moving Adam’s queen size bed trying to find an elusive vomit that I could smell but couldn’t see. He’d managed to squeeze an enormous vomit between the side of the bed and the wall. It looked like a Pro Hart masterpiece down there!

The smell permeated the whole house. I used 2 whole cans of Glen 20, then moved on to scrubbing the carpet with what I’ve found to be an amazingly adaptive product, a Sard Wonder stain remover spray. It removes the stains AND it removes the vomit smell and replaced it with refreshing eucalyptus. That’s a win/win for this hermit Mum. I’ll be stocking up on payday.

(The wonder product)

(Dean will kill me for that photo…. and yes, he’s wearing my dressing gown)

But the excitement doesn’t end there. In between loads of washing, scrubbing and deodorising, I played and lost games of words with friends. I know, everyone wants my life, you’re all very jealous.
(What on earth is an Etwee Paul?)

All I can say is Thank God for the one big night of friends, food, football and an amazing fountain filled with Margheritas. Thanks boys, it made my week. xx 


Cleaning, it’s torture. Pure and simple. I’m not one of those people who loves to have a clean and tidy house at all times. I don’t think cleanliness is next to godliness. It’s torture. A never ending list of things I need to do. A list of jobs that I don’t want to, or more realistically never fully achieve. As soon as you finish one job, there’s another one waiting. If you ever finish the list of duties (something dreams are made of) the kids come home and destroy the clean house in a matter of moments. Clothes and shoes are stripped off, lunch boxes and water bottles are thrown on the bench. Disheveled pieces of artwork spilling out of school bags, the overused glitter making its way into every nook and cranny of the house. If it was just me in the house I wouldn’t mind so much. I don’t use a different glass every time I need to quench my thirst. I don’t change my clothes every 30min. I don’t leave my wet towels on the floor of my bedroom, and my aim on the toilet is pretty darn good. But having children ensures that house cleaning is akin to Dante’s circles of Hell! 
I’m sitting here blogging in a successful attempt to procrastinate a little longer to get out of cleaning. Dishes need to be done, folding and ironing are waiting, beds are unmade and floors need to be vacuumed. But do you know what? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get done, the kids really don’t care. As long as they’re fed and their electronic devices are charged, they are happy. So for all of those out there stressing about having a clean house…. chill, take a day off, binge watch a series of Netflix, the world won’t end, the kids won’t care and the list of torture will still be there tomorrow.