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Mothers Day

I’m going to say what I’m pretty sure most of us Mums really want for Mothers Day. What we want, but rarely get, especially when the kids are younger. What most mums won’t admit to, what we want, what we really, really want, is time away from the kids. Time not having to clean up after, organise and feed our beloved children. Time to do something we want to do without disruption, let our hair down, be pampered or party, whatever takes your fancy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys to bits, but if Mothers Day is about spoiling Mum, then surely we should get what we actually want, rather than some household appliance, dressing gown or slippers. 
Well……I don’t mean to brag, but,  that’s exactly what I got this weekend. My Mothers Day started early. It started yesterday. I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday, paintballing with my new, albeit second hand marker. (Never thought I’d be an owner of a gun!) I mean who wouldn’t want to celebrate Mother’s Day by being shot over and over again, coming home bruised and battered?? I love it! 

That was followed on by a night of football festivities with my other crazy non related family, drinking, eating pizza, playing games, singing, dancing, laughing and watching football. Playing  “Never have I ever” induced fits of laughter that had me in tears. I love being treated like one of the guys. We had an epic game of twister, during which my flexibility and contortionism was put to the test and was finally outmatched by 2 tactical geniuses. I would post photos, but what happens on a boys night, stays at the boys night……. unless they post shameless photos and videos on Facebook. 

Then went to bed for an uninterrupted sleep until 9am. Absolute heaven.

This morning I headed back home to see and pick up my boys for lunch at my sister’s house. I gave my Mum her present and card, and was really chuffed she like the card I got her. Love that we have the same sense of humour. 

 We had a delicious family lunch with my Mum, sister and her boys. After lunch we played pie face, an awesome game if you don’t mind getting covered in cream. 

After lunch the kids played whilst us girls chatted. We then chilled in the couch to watch a Trolls with the kids. It was just a lovely way to end a great weekend.

So thanks to both my families. Best Mothers Day ever!

Thanks Mum, Brook, Dean and Adam, for a great day today and my other family Jon, Jack, and Paul, with honourable mention to Alfie, the other Jack and Lucas for last nights Shenanigans. 

Everyone should take childless holidays 

Being a single parent is tough. I’m not just talking about single Mums….. but I also take my hat off to those amazing single Dads out there, that do everything they can to make their children’s life as good as it can be. 
As a working single parent, I’m often at the point of exhaustion. Trying to balance work, with home life, Housework with homework, social life or having no life. That’s why my holiday in January was so amazing. Some of you wonderful parents out there may judge me for what I’m about to say, but I had the best time being child free. Did I miss my boys? Of course I did, but would I have given up those 2 child free weeks? Hell no!

I had the most relaxing holiday ever. I took a cruise around the top of Australia with a two friends. We’d never travelled together, actually the other two had never met. Linda a friend I worked with over 20 years ago….. pre children, and Amanda who’s been a fantastic friend for the past 5 years, who I met through a Facebook group. Linda brought her 2 teenage children with her and Amanda and I were childless. 

What was quickly apparent on the cruise, was that we didn’t have to be adults. All those pesky adult decisions and questions we ask as parents on a daily basis such as:  

“How are we going to get there on time, when you kids can’t even get out of bed?”

“What am I going to cook for dinner? How can you lose a shoe since coming home from school?”

“What do you mean you need $10 for an excursion today?”………….

We had none of that. Our biggest decision of the day were: 

“Shall we get a second helping of desert?

“Do we go for a dip in the pool or attempt trivia for the second time today?”

Or…….”Cocktails or shots?”

We even found getting ready for shore excursions a new experience. Initially we would allow ourselves an hour and a half to get out of bed, shower and have breakfast before meeting at the designated meeting place to leave for a tour. We quickly found that it took Amanda and I only 15 minutes to both shower and get dressed. A task that is quite impossible to do in that time frame at home, with children, who for purely selfish reasons want to be fed, dressed and constantly prompted to attend to their own needs. 

Tours themselves were amazing, no children asking when we’d get there, not having to find a toilet for said children, when they are “busting” at a moments notice, no complaints about being hungry/thirsty/tired/sick/bored/need the go to the toilet. We were just able to relax, actually relax and able to enjoy commentary by the tour guide, taking in the scenery, being able to take photos, not missing the wildlife when pointed out. 

Socialising, which is a fairly new activity for me, was great. We met an amazing couple from Canada, that, luckily for us, were very intelligent. They were a great asset to our trivia attempts and we actually won a few! Everyone loves a free lanyard or water bottle. 

As I’m fairly new to the whole bar and drinking scene, I was keen to try and get out most nights after a show. After a few glasses of liquid courage I was able to dance the night away and met some amazing girls with whom I hope to cruise with again. 

All in all it was an absolutely, amazing, relaxing, rejuvenating holiday and I would really encourage all parents single or otherwise, to take some child free time away. It’s certainly made me a better, happier Mum