I’ll never be cool

Apparently when you become a Mum, you lose any ability to ever be cool again.

Is it just me? Surely I’m not the only parent out there with the uncool status.

I know my English and grammar have never been great, but does every sentence of the youth of today need to be completed with phrases such as- “That’s legit” and “totes” and finished off with a dance move known as a dab???? WTF?? I was just getting used to the whipping and naynay-ing. I can’t keep up. If I even attempt to copy what my eldest does, I get the look of disgust and the comment “don’t even try mum, you’re not cool”

This is the look I mean.

Why am I not cool? I wasn’t even cool when I went to school. I have no hope of being cool now. I wasn’t in the “in” crowd, I didn’t wag school, I didn’t go to parties, I didn’t try alcohol or smoke, I never got in trouble ……..and boys, I don’t think they even knew I existed. I don’t understand teenagers. I didn’t understand them when I was one, let alone now. Doesn’t anyone converse face to face now? My eldest son seems to be constantly on Facebook and snapchat. I don’t think he has a twitter account, but who knows??? I’m completely out of the loop. Within minutes of leaving school, he’s messaging his mates, people that he’s spent the entire day with. I must seem so old and out of touch when I say “haven’t you just seen these friends, sat next to them in class, eaten with them at recess and lunch? What could you possibly need to discuss, that you couldn’t do face to face, 2 minutes ago?” Once again, I get the look…..I’m sooo uncool. What would I know??

I should be cool, I do cool stuff with my boys, I go paintballing, I ride the roller coasters at Adventure world. I even wear cool shoes. Adidas superstars! Now come on, they are super cool. But apparently they lose all coolness as soon as they touch my feet. Same can be said whenever I wear my Doc Martens. The cool properties drain away when the come in contact with Mum skin. 

To tell the truth, I don’t really care if I’m cool. I just don’t want to be seen as one of those parents that you never want your friends to meet. That parent that embarrasses you just by breathing. I don’t think I’m that parent, I have met some of my boys’ friends, I’ve even exchanged a few words with some of them!

Mind you, if I wasn’t embarrassing before, I probably am now, with some of the blogs I’ve just written. Oh well, better get used to it , I’ll never be cool and just to put the final nail in the coffin…………. I love you Dean and Adam 


3 thoughts on “I’ll never be cool”

  1. Sounds like me in high school. Never with the in crowd, no partying and no booze or smokes. Plus now another night owl working in a hospital.

    1. Had a few friends in primary and high school but just lost touch. Then others just didn’t keep in touch when I had a change of lifestyle. When I think back to my days at Greenwood Primary and Greenwood High, I often do with fondness of the few friends I felt close to at the time. But as I moved on with life, Ive made new friends and unfortunately lost touch with the old ones.

      1. I went to Greenwood primary school too! I lost touch with most of my friends but still have a few from Woodvale High School. But like you, I’ve made new friends from all different walks of life….. but I’m still not cool 😎

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